Top 10 NBA Least Valuable Players

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10. Baron Davis

Baron Davis / 2009 Salary: $11,250,000

One of the big free agents of the 2008 offseason, Baron Davis decided to return to his home in Los Angeles and attempt to carry the Clippers into the playoffs.  Sadly, the highlight of the union of Boom Dizzle and the Clippers was this video.  After that, it was all downhill.

Davis averaged his lowest PPG (14.9) since his second season in the league while shooting a career worst 37% from the field.  He shot 30.2% from behind the arc, but it didn't stop him from firing up 328 three-pointers, giving him by far the worst percentage of anyone who shot more than 300 times from downtown.

In addition to his on-court failures, Davis butted heads with head coach Mike Dunleavy throughout the season, not helping a locker room that also featured cancers Zach Randolph and Ricky Davis.  As for the team that Davis had dreams of leading to the championship?  They went 19-63, tied with the Wizards for the second-worst record in the NBA.

Top 10 Least Valuable Players

2 / 11
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