Top 10 NBA Least Valuable Players

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9. Marko Jaric

Marko Jaric / 2009 Salary: $6,575,000

And it's not just because we're jealous that Jaric married Adriana Lima in February.

(Okay, maybe we’re just a bit jealous.)

But beautiful bride aside, Jaric was paid $6.58 million this season, all to average an astounding 2.6 ppg, 1.4 apg, and 1.2 rpg (all career lows).  He shot just 33%, and at one point missed 23 straight shots.  Due to a slew of minor injuries, Jaric was limited to 53 games this year, averaging 11.4 minutes per contest (also a career low) -- on the Grizzlies.

Maybe he was just distracted all season by Adriana (and maybe that makes Marko Jaric the real MVP):

Top 10 Least Valuable Players

3 / 11
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