Top 10 2010 NCAA Tournament Storylines

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8. Back From a Broken Back

On Dec. 5, Evan Turner fell hard and awkward on his back after missing a dunk against Eastern Michigan. Turns out Turner fractured two of his vertebrae. That’s right, he broke his back. Turner’s fractures weren’t life threatening or potentially paralyzing, but a broken back is still one of the scariest injuries in sports. Fractured vertebrae aren’t just something you snap back from.

Turner was expected to be sidelined for eight weeks, but on Jan. 6, he returned to the lineup, with Ohio State having gone 3-3 in his absence. With Turner in the lineup the Buckeyes went 24-4 and Turner won numerous accolades. He was named the Big Ten Player of the Year, was a first-team All-American, and has been named the Sporting News and Fox National Player of the Year. He is the front runner for the Naismith and Oscar Robertson awards.

Turner led the Buckeyes to the Big Ten tournament championship (including an amazing buzzer beater to beat Michigan), and now has the Buckeyes as the 2-seed in the Midwest Region.

Top 10 NCAA Tournament Storylines

4 / 11
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