Top 10 NCAA Tournament Buzzer-Beaters

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Top 10 Buzzer-Beaters in NCAA Tournament

Remember when the NCAA Tournament was full of buzzer-beaters? Bryce Drew's 3-pointer that took down Ole Miss. James Forrest's heave that felled USC. And who can forget, especially if you're a Kentucky fan, Christian "Freaking" Laettner's turnaround jumper that capped perhaps the greatest game in tournament history?

For the last two years, none of the tournament's meaningful games have come down - all the way down - to the wire. Yes, last year Aaron Harrison dropped late game winners on Michigan and Wisconsin, but both cases left seconds on the clock. We're hoping things revert to form this year, as a good buzzer-beater is hard to top for excitement.

In the meantime, we're here to reminisce about the magic of guys like Laettner, Drew, Richard Hamilton and Tyus Edney, who drained the Top 10 Buzzer-Beaters in NCAA Tournament History.

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