Top 10 NFL Combine Performers

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Top 10 NFL Combine Performers

Remember this guy?

You might know him now as the five-time Super Bowl champ, four-time Super Bowl MVP, and perhaps the greatest quarterback ever lived. But back in 2000, Tom Brady was a borderline prospect at the NFL Combine.

The Michigan quarterback posted pathetic numbers such as a 5.28 in the 40-yard dash and a 24.5-inch vertical leap at the combine (there's even a "highlight package" of his drills, if you must). He was written off by most teams and finally taken in the sixth round by the New England Patriots, with the 199th selection.

The NFL Combine continues to fascinate, despite its being such a poor predictor of NFL success. For every Tom Brady, there's another player who absolutely blew away the stop watch and ended up getting selected way higher than he should have. As the combine begins this week in Indianapolis, who will be the workout warrior king this year?

For a look back at some of the best from the combine's past and how they turned out in the pros, we've selected our Top 10 NFL Combine Performers or All Time.

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