Top 10 Things to Watch When Lockout Ends
Top 10 Things to Watch for When NFL Lockout Ends
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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With the end of the NFL lockout appearing imminent, a most frenzied preseason is about to commence. Teams will be expected to, in just a few weeks - or even days or hours, conduct offseason business that's typically done in months .

Signing free agents? Yep, that will be checked off in only a few days, with maybe more than a few guys signed to contracts after just cursory looks. Rookies? Instead of having a rookie camp, several minicamps and OTAs to get used to the life in the NFL and study the playbook, they'd have to learn to grow up, pronto. Conditioning? Despite those humorous videos shot on high school fields around the country showing 'players-led' workouts, expect many players to be out of shape and needing to shed a few pounds when camp opens.

In some ways, this will be the most fascinating preseason imaginable. And how things shake out may even bring about profound changes in how the NFL does business. Here are our Top 10 Things to Watch When the NFL Lockout Ends:

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