Top 10 Non-Sport Sporting Events

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4. NFL Draft

Aside from the start of the regular season, this is the only time all NFL fans are excited and full of optimism (except for Jets fans; they are ready to boo no matter what).

Everyone is excited to learn answers to questions like: Will that coveted player slip down to your team? Will their be a blockbuster trade? And the almost inevitable: Who? From where? Is that even a college?

Over the course of two days, NFL teams will pick players that could provide years of prosperity or years of despair. Drafting is the single best way a team can turn their fortunes around because every pick matters and that’s what makes it so exciting. It’s like a giant game of poker where no team wants to tip their hand. They hold their cards close to the vest and this secrecy is just another reason to love the event.

So call up a few buddies, plop down in front of the TV and get ready for hours of intrigue as you do your best Mel Kiper impersonation and critique every pick.

Top 10 Non-Sports Sporting Events

8 / 11
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