Top 10 Players In Uniforms That Just Look Wrong

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2. Joe DiMaggio, Oakland Athletics

What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson? Joltin’ Joe is now an Oakland A… hey-hey-hey….  He didn’t play for them – the Athletics were still in Philadelphia when he retired in 1951 – but DiMaggio put on Charlie Finley’s Kelly-green-and-white uniform in 1968-69 as a coach, albeit one with the title Vice President.  DiMaggio needed two more seasons in order to reach the highest level of pension payments baseball allowed, and Finley was thrilled to associate a Bay Area icon with his carpetbagging franchise that was newly arrived from Kansas City.

This should not have been permitted to happen.  If Congress can hold hearings at the behest of Roger Clemens, surely someone could have passed a law to ensure that Joe DiMaggio would never stand on a baseball field in a uniform other than Yankee pinstripes.  Let him coach in street clothes if you must.  It’s not too hard a concept, is it?

Top 10 Players in Uniforms That Just Look Wrong

10 / 11
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