Top 10 Players In Uniforms That Just Look Wrong

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7. Wade Boggs, Tampa Bay Devil Rays

When you’ve already gone from the Red Sox to the Yankees, nothing you do should come as a surprise.  Wade Boggs became a star by waiting out pitchers and stroking base hits all around Fenway Park.  He went to the Yankees as a free agent for the 1993 season, and wept openly on the field after winning his only World Series title with them in 1996.

In 1998, Boggs joined the expansion Tampa Bay Devil Rays, signing a two-year free-agent contract.  There were persistent reports that his contact contained a clause that would pay him a bonus if he put a Tampa Bay cap on his Hall of Fame plaque; Boggs denied the reports, but the Hall took no chances, declaring that it alone would determine what hat is depicted on a player’s image.   When the Boggs plaque was mounted in 2005, it bore the B for Boston, the team for which he had 2098 of his 3010 career hits, not the TB of the squad for which he hit his last 210.

Top 10 Players in Uniforms That Just Look Wrong

5 / 11
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