Top 10 Playoff Fights

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Top 10 Playoff Fights

Rafer Alston slapped Eddie House in the back of the head.  Donald Brashear blind-sided Rangers forward Blair Betts with a forearm-shiver to the head.  Dwight Howard elbowed Samuel Dalembert in the face.  Derek Fisher, who thought he was playing middle linebacker, lowered his shoulder and laid out Luis Scola

Ron Artest talked about someone getting stabbed in the heart with a wooden table leg.

And that’s all just in the past couple of weeks.  Clearly, the intensity of the playoffs gets to everyone.  It often lies dormant, with cooler heads prevailing in these critical games, but sometimes, the tension and the pressure of it all just become too much, and players explode.  They yell.  They scream. 

They fight. 

They throw punches, bloody faces, and even chuck bats.  They fight opponents, 72-year old coaches, and the fans themselves – they even fight their brothers.   

For years, there have been many baseball brawls, hockey hullabaloos, and basketball donnybrooks.  These are The Top 10 Playoff Fights

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