11 Questions with Gov. Jack Markell

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9. Competitive Advantage

RCS: So again, Delaware is running a $750 million deficit. Would you still be pushing this proposal if it wasn't?

Gov. Markell: Here's how I look at it. To me, and I have a business background, I'm a believer that you take advantage of opportunities that are available, particularly when they're not available to others. You, for example, started with RealClearPolitics and you had an opportunity to leverage a very popular name with your knowledge of sports. So you had a business opportunity that was going to be better for you than it was for someone who was trying to start from scratch. In our case I think it's a competitive advantage. It's one we ought to pursue, and the fact that we have this budget shortfall makes it more compelling. I think in any case, though, it's something that we should try and take advantage of.

RCS Interviews Delaware Gov. Jack Markell

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