11 Questions with Gov. Jack Markell

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4. Legitimizing Sports Gambling

RCS: In that same column, Wetzel himself wrote, "One of the best ways to guard against point shaving is to legalize and legitimize sports gambling. It can take it out of the underworlds. Yet the NCAA along with the NFL is lobbying against a proposal by Delaware Governor Jack Markell to reauthorize sports gambling in his state. Markell estimates it can produce $55 million annually in tax revenue."

Do you agree that legalizing sports betting is one of the best ways to take it out of the underworld?

Gov. Markell: I'm not going to comment because I don't know enough about the points shaving piece of it. That I don't know. That's certainly not an argument that I've made.

What I have said is that we believe in having the proper regulatory oversight and enforcement, for example by the Delaware State Police, which is an outstanding law enforcement agency.We think that's a better way of overseeing these bets rather than having them done illegally.

RCS: The legalize-and-regulate approach has given critics the opportunity to draw parallels to the effort to legalize and regulate marijuana. How is this situation different?

Gov. Markell: Well this is not a mind-altering drug, which could lead to a lot of health problems. Our point to the NFL was, what we invited them to do, was meet with some of our law enforcement professionals so they could gain some confidence in the kind of oversight we would provide.

RCS Interviews Delaware Gov. Jack Markell

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