11 Questions with Gov. Jack Markell

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3. NCAA Hypocrisy

RCS: One of the other organizations that's targeting you is the NCAA. In an interview with RCS last week, Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel said that what the NCAA sells to people is a farce. And in a recent column, he quoted North Carolina coach Roy Williams saying, "If we don't want these kids gambling, don't put the Final Four in a city where the casino is five hundred yards from our door."

If your proposal passes, the NCAA has said that it will ban NCAA playoff games from Delaware. Obviously the NCAA is acting hypocritically. But do you think Coach Williams is correct that the NCAA should keep games away from gambling?

Gov. Markell: Well, I think the NCAA is clearly being inconsistent and retaliatory. Beyond what Coach Williams was saying, the Western Athletic Conference hosts its men's and women's tournaments in Reno. And the winners in those tournaments go on to play in the big tournament. You can actually bet on the Las Vegas Bowl, which is played obviously right there in Vegas. So what appears to be fine in other states for some reason from the NCAA's perspective, doesn't seem to be fine for Delaware. So we think they're being inconsistent and retaliatory.

RCS: What about what Coach Williams' point that he believes the NCAA should essentially not put Final Four games next to a casino?

Gov. Markell: I'm not going to tell the NCAA how to run their operation. I just find it odd that they would be so inconsistent in the application of their beliefs.

RCS Interviews Delaware Gov. Jack Markell

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