11 Questions with Gov. Jack Markell

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7. Unlikely Allies

RCS: In this debate you've found some unlikely political allies. Republican House Leader Dick Cathcart has been vocal against the NFL and NCAA. He was quoted by your local paper saying, "The NCAA is blackmailing the State of Delaware into not going with sports betting. I can't wait for someone from the NCAA or the NFL to get up in front of us so we can make fools of them."

Why has your proposal been attractive to Delaware Republicans as well?

Gov. Markell: Because this isn't a Democrat issue or Republican issue. This is an issue that all Delawareans recognize that we've got significant financial challenges. All Delawareans recognize that we have this opportunity that other States east of the Mississippi don't have. Certainly not everybody supports sports gambling, but those who are not philosophically opposed to it recognize that this is a great chance to generate needed money. The fact that outside groups are trying to come in and tell us how to run our State, is just not something that is received very well here.

RCS Interviews Delaware Gov. Jack Markell

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