Top 10 Rules Named After Players

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Lew Alcindor

Most sports rule changes are for the betterment of their respective games. They clear up confusion, uphold the integrity of the game, or protect their players. Every once in a while though, rules are put in place because a player is just too dominant.

After the 1966-67 season, the NCAA outlawed the dunk. As a sophomore, Lew Alcindor averaged 29 points per game, leading his UCLA Bruins to a national championship with a 30-0 record. The rule targeted the 7-foot-1 Alcindor, who could easily “stuff” the ball in the basket when he got deep in the key. The rule might have curbed his production a bit as Alcindor averaged about 25 points per game and his field goal percentage dipped slightly in his junior and senior seasons. But the Bruins still went 58-2 in his final two years and and romped to a national title in each.

Alcindor would change his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shortly after he turned pro. But the rule carrying his name wasn't rescinded until 1976.

Top 10 Rules Named After Players

3 / 11
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