Top 10 Scariest Places to Play

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3. Go Cameron Crazy

The Cameron Crazies are the best-known group of fans in basketball and they make a trip to Cameron Indoor Stadium a frightening endeavor for any visiting team. Painted blue and boisterous, the Duke student sections are known for their aggressive and clever taunts to opposing players.

The Cameron Crazies are credited with inventing the “air ball” chant back in 1975 and will research opposing rosters to gain an advantage in taunting visiting players and coaches. Taunts will touch on any subject, from players’ physical appearance to criminal charges in their past.  When Lorenzo Charles of N.C. State was arrested for stealing pizza, Duke fans showered the floor of Cameron with pizza boxes as Charles was introduced before the game.

But Duke fans are not just ruthless, they are also loud. Rock concert or airplane takeoff levels of sound have been reached at Cameron as a decibel level of 116 dB was measured during a game against Wake Forest in 2002. At 120 dB, sound begins to cause pain.

Top 10 Scariest Places to Play

9 / 11
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