Top 10 Worst Sports Streaks

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9. Not So Free-Throws

To many sports fans, foul shots, or free throws as their commonly referred to, seem like one of the easier aspects of the game of basketball. After all, they’re called free throws for a reason. However, not everyone in the NBA has found them so easy.

There are the all time greats like Shaquille O’Neal and Wilt Chamberlain who, despite their numerous NBA records, will always be remembered as epically bad from the charity stripe. However, a lesser known center named Chris Dudley holds a record that neither of them topped. In 1990, Dudley missed 17 of 18 shots from the foul line and 13 straight at one point, including one shot that airballed. Dudley’s reasoning for capturing the undesirable record, “I was just thinking about too many things, and I just kept changing the style.''

If that’s true, then he must have had those problems throughout his entire NBA career, since he ranks second behind Ben Wallace for the worst career free throw percentage by any NBA player with at least 1,200 attempts.

Top 10 Worst Streaks in Sports


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