Top 10 Stadium Design Flaws

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4. TV Interference

Jerry Jones has one of the biggest personalities among sports team owners, so naturally, his brand new stadium for the Cowboys was going to be big as well. The stadium cost $1.2 billion with the Pièce de résistance being the 160-foot x 90-foot HDTV.

On August 21st, the Cowboys hosted the first football game in the new stadium against the Tennessee Titans. The thing everyone was talking about was the huge video screen that hangs from the center. Not because it's the biggest HDTV in the country but because of its effect on the game. In the third quarter, Titans A.J. Trapasso punted the ball which hit the humongous screen. When building a stadium that costs over $1 billion, you would think someone would have thought that the low-hanging screen could be an issue. In fact, someone did think of that being an issue.

When the Colts built Lucas Oil Stadium just a few years ago there was talk about a similar screen but plans were scrapped because of the potential interference from punted balls. Jones has defended his stadium and says he will not move the screen higher. He even went so far as to blame the punter: "If you look at how you punt the football, unless you're trying to hit the scoreboard, you punt the ball to get downfield. You certainly want to get some hangtime, but you punt the ball to get downfield, and you sure don't punt the ball down the middle. You punt it off to the side."

While Jones thinks this won’t be an issue, the NFL is currently looking into it.

Top 10 Stadium Design Flaws

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