Top 10 Stadium Design Flaws

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Top 10 Stadium Snafus

Seemingly every year, a new stadium makes its debut in an American professional sports league. And every year, they are bigger, better and more expensive. Oh, and bigger.

Each new park is the result of years of planning, stacks of blueprints, and, of course, millions and millions of dollars. In a new, unprecedented tab, Cowboys Stadium broke the bank, totaling over $1 billion for construction costs. With all of that, you would think Jerry Jones' new temple to his team would be absolutely mistake free. Unfortunately, you'd be wrong.

First, somewhat amazingly, there are seats with some very obstructed views. But more importantly, it turns out that the HDTV, a monstrosity stretching 160-feet long and climbing 72-feet high, sits too close to the field of play, a fact that became glaringly obvious Friday night when Titans A.J. Trapasso blasted a punt into the bottom of the screen.

The Cowboys gaffe is just the latest example of the Top 10 Stadium Design Flaws. The catwalks at Tropicana Field, right field in the new Yankee Stadium and seats behind pillars in Lucas Oil Field remind that no amount of money or planning can make a superior stadium.

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