Top 10 Stadium Design Flaws

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7. Worst Ice in Hockey

To the uninformed, all ice on a hockey rink is the same. This is far from the case. Some clubs are known for having really good ice, while other are constantly troubled with bad ice. The clubs with bad ice are the ones you'd expect, from hot, humid areas (Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning, etc.); but the worst ice in the NHL belongs to the Washington Capitals and the Verizon Center.

There are many factors contributing to the Caps bad ice: the hot, and more importantly, very humid weather in DC, as well as the fact that they share their arena with not one, but two basketball teams, the Washington Wizards and Georgetown Hoyas, makes for sloppy ice.

Several players have complained about the ice in DC, among them Capitals captain Chris Clark saying, "There’s a lot of ruts in the ice. It’s soft. It’s wet half the time... it's the worst in the league. It's tough to play on. Even guys on other teams say the same thing."

Top 10 Stadium Design Flaws

5 / 11
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