Super Bowl Winners With Un-Super Defenses

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Super Bowl Winners With Un-Super Defenses

On Feb. 5, 2017, the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons will compete in Super Bowl LI. America is excited and expecting one thing: points. This game is about Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. About the nondescript, undersized, overlooked Patriots receivers and the tremendous, otherworldly, domineering Julio Jones.

The Falcons led the NFL in points scored with 540. The Patriots led the AFC (3rd in the NFL) with 441. On defense, the Falcons allowed 406 points (sixth worst) and the Patriots allowed just 250, the fewest in the NFL. But the Patriots defense is ranked No. 16 and the Falcons No. 27 in the advanced metric DVOA. (More on DVOA later.)

One of these teams will join the ranks of Super Bowl winners with un-super defenses.

(Compiled by Ben Krimmel)

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