Top 10 Surprises of the NBA Season

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7. LeBronless Losers

Everyone knew the Cleveland Cavaliers would be significantly worse off this season without LeBron James (well, maybe everyone but owner Dan Gilbert), but no one could have foreseen just how much they’d struggle. Another 60-plus win season like they achieved in the LeBron days was out of the question, but it was possible the Cavs could fight to stay in contention for a playoff spot, or so some thought.

The Cavs went 7-10 to start the season, giving slight hope that maybe the post-LeBron era wouldn’t be so bad and the playoffs weren’t a pipe dream. But then LeBron came to town and sent the Cavs into an unprecedented death spiral.

The Cavs lost, 118-90, to LeBron's Heat, for the second loss of an 11-game losing streak, and things only got worse from there. After stopping that losing streak with an overtime victory over the Knicks, Cleveland went on to lose 26 straight games, an NBA record. Injuries to key players certainly helped derail the season for the Cavs, but no injury can fully explain the ineptitude. For a period of over two months the Cavs posted a record of 1-37, futility the likes of which no one could have possibly predicted.

Top 10 Surprises of the NBA Season

5 / 11
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