Top 10 Surprises of the NBA Season

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10. Mecca of Basketball Is Back

Maybe the Knicks have fallen short of the raised expectations since the Carmelo Anthony trade, but their fans should take a step back and realize this season was a big accomplishment for that franchise. They will be playing in the playoffs for the first time since 2004. Since then the Knicks have endured Allan Houston’s bad knees, Stephon Marbury’s bad attitude, Isiah Thomas’s bad decisions, and just plain bad Eddy Curry.

It took the Knicks a few weeks to get going, but after a 3-8 start they went 13-1 and brought the energy back to Madison Square Garden. Amare Stoudemire was an early-season MVP candidate, setting a franchise record by scoring 30-plus points in nine straight games. He’s the type of superstar the Knicks haven’t had in years.

Of course the Knicks added Anthony, one of the best offensive players in the NBA, and demand for tickets to the Garden skyrocketed. You can expect ticket prices to continue to surge as starved Knicks fans can’t wait to taste playoff basketball for the first time in seven years.

Top 10 Surprises of the NBA Season

2 / 11
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