The World of 1908 vs. 1948

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The World of 1908 vs. 1948

By now you know: The Chicago Cubs haven’t won the World Series since 1908, when the population of the United States was 88 million, there were only 46 states, and construction on Mount Rushmore wouldn’t begin until 1927. The Titanic wouldn’t sink for another four years and World War I was still two years after that.

The Cleveland Indians haven’t won since 1948, when the U.S. population was 147 million, New Mexico and Arizona had become states to push the total to 48, and Mount Rushmore had only been open since 1941. The launching of Sputnik was nine years away and the moon landing 21.

Bottom line: These two teams haven’t won since forever ago. They have been cursed with futility and their fans crushed by rotten luck. Nobody should suffer such a fate, but somebody will have joy soon enough. They can’t somehow both lose at this point. But let’s look back one more time at the events of the past just to understand how long it has been since the Cubs and Indians last won the World Series.

(Complied by Ben Krimmel)

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