10 Questions with Tony Kornheiser

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1. The Rough Exterior

RCS: Before we get into the Super Bowl, which is only a few days away, we want to start with a question exclusively about you. A few weeks ago, we did an interview with [PTI executive producer and creator] Erik Rydholm, during which he said, "Tony is crusty... but under that rough exterior, he's a softie."

So softie, why the rough exterior?

Kornheiser: I’m just old. I mean, I’m just old. I’m sixty years old. It just sort of comes with the territory, you know? Most people that get older and older, they complain more and more and the crazier they are on a regular basis. They get even crazier as they get older and I just think that pretty much happens to everybody.

I don’t think of myself as crusty.  I’m not like Krusty the Clown.  I don’t think of myself as a softie either. But if Rydholm says it…

Rydholm’s a genius.  He created everything you see on the screen that’s being borrowed, and I use the word borrowed kindly -- that’s being lifted and stolen by every single network in the world.  Erik Rydholm invented that. PTI is a great TV show. And I know Mike [Wilbon] feels the same way I do.  We are so fortunate to do it. It is so perfect. And so wonderful and it’s a privilege and an honor to do. And that’s Rydholm.

Now every network does it in every show they have. All the sports shows do it. The news shows do it.  Everybody: MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS.  They put people on clocks. They try and do games with people. They run a crawl. They run stuff on the screen.  It’s too bad he didn’t patent it. It’s too bad he didn’t get paid for it, because he’d be a zillionaire.

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