Top 10 Annoying Super Bowl XLIII Ads

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10 Most Annoying Super Bowl XLIII Ads

Every year, people get excited for the Super Bowl commercials.  For some, they are the big show, with the game serving as a side act.  After the final play, instead of reviewing the Harrison interception or Holmes catch, people discuss which commercials were the best.  

Unfortunately, more often than not, every year of ad anticipation ends the same way - in disappointment.  Sure, there are some successes (this year the Doritos Crystal Ball ad received the most critical acclaim), but sadly there are far more failures.

What we need to remember in all of this is that, at their core, ads are simply not enjoyable.  We have to remember that we hate commercials.  We hate them.  We TiVo shows and fast-forward through them for a reason.  

Some are funny, sure, but how many?  Outside of the Super Bowl, what percentage of commercials do we really care about?  Three-percent; five-percent, tops?  We don't need to watch television just to see commercials because far too often, the commercials annoy us more than they entertain.  With that in mind, we take a look at the 10 Most Annoying Commercials of Super Bowl XLIII.

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