Top 10 Blown Calls in Baseball History

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Top 10 Blown Calls in Baseball History

Baseball has an umpiring crisis.

It erupted last week when Angel Hernandez erroneously ruled - twice, the second with the benefit of replay - a double on what obviously should've been a home run for Oakland's Adam Rosales in the ninth inning against Cleveland. Esteemed scribe Peter Gammons went so far as to say that Hernandez upheld the non-homer call as a statement against video review in baseball.

On the very next day, another umpiring crew allowed the Houston Astros to remove a pitcher without ever entering the game, another egregious mistake. And then Tuesday, umpires blew two pretty easy calls in the White Sox-Twins game that bordered on ridiculous.

The human element of the umpire has long been cited as a factor that makes baseball more interesting, usually in response to the firestorms of criticism that appear in the wake of calls like these. While it's true that experience umpires have made hundreds of thousands of correct calls during their careers, technology has now badly exposed them when they were wrong. One high-profile blown call can overshadow an umpire's whole career, and there have been plenty of those.

Here are our Top 10 Blown Calls in Baseball History, most with video evidence:

(Compiled by Brian Colella)

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