Top 10 Blown Calls in Baseball History

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Don Denkinger, The Call, 1985 World Series Game 6

St. Louis was leading Kansas City three games to two in the 1985 World Series. And with a 1-0 lead in the ninth inning of Game 6 the Cardinals were on the verge of claiming the title. Then, Jorge Orta of the Royals led off the inning and hit a high hopper to the right side of the infield. First baseman Jack Clark moved over to field it and threw to pitcher Todd Worrell covering the base. Orta was clearly out but umpire Don Denkinger ruled that Worrell had missed the bag and called Orta safe. St. Louis argued vehemently, and fruitlessly, and the Royals went on to score two runs and win the game.

In Game 7, Denkinger had home plate duties and the Cardinals were off their game, getting crushed by Kansas City as the Royals took home the crown with an 11-0 rout. For a while Denkinger received threats over the call, but managed to maintain a sense of humor about it. He now owns a painting of the play and often autographs photographs of it, usually photos that show Worrell holding the ball with Orta's foot about to come down on the bag. Of all the calls on this list, this is perhaps the most influential as it potentially changed the outcome of a World Series.

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