Top 10 Coaches' Tirades

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Top 10 Coaches Tirades

Mike Singletary: Hall of Famer; one of the best linebackers ever; known for his intensity and ferociousness on the field, perhaps best illustrated by those eyes.  And now, the longtime Chicago-great will also be associated with his first ever press conference as an NFL head coach, where in just a few minutes, he found himself a whole new place in sports history, joining the ranks of John Chaney, Mike Gundy and Herm Edwards.  We speak of course of coaching blow-ups.

Coaches hate losing, and when you couple that with the intense pressure they’re under, the lack of sleep they get, and the little personal life they have, it often serves as the perfect recipe for explosions – cursing, thrown phones, and smashed podiums are often the result. 

Singletary's outburst on Sunday is just one example of how a coach can get pushed over the edge, but in the high-stress world of pro sports, there have certainly been others.  With that said, we present the Top Ten Coaches’ Tirades, limited to the most memorable meltdowns that occurred during press conferences or interviews (note: when coaches get angry, they tend to use some strong language.  Consider this your warning).  

It remains to be seen where Singletary’s tirade will find itself in terms of historical significance, but for now, you can judge for yourself with Sunday’s diatribe, our honorable mention.







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