Top 10 Coaches' Tirades

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4. Dan Hawkins - Go Play Intramurals, Brother

There are few men in college football more intense than University of Colorado coach Dan Hawkins (aka the man who made Bosie St. football relevant), who seems like he’s the type of guy that sleeps two hours a night and then survives solely on energy drinks and push-ups. 

In 2007, during a press briefing on National Signing Day, Hawkins responded to a letter he’d received from a parent, complaining that the Buffalo football players only received two weeks off for summer break.  It is not wise to grumble near Dan Hawkins.

How famous is the Hawkins Rant?  As Robert Andrew Powell penned in a piece about the coach in September, “Hawkins could win a couple of national championships at Colorado. He could go on to coach Notre Dame…He could inherit the Denver Broncos…and achieve his coaching dream of winning a Super Bowl. Whatever happens, however good, the words on his tombstone are set.”

Before Blowup: 2-10
After Blowup: 10-11

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