Top 10 Coaches' Tirades

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3. Mike Gundy - I'm A Man! I'm 40!

Oklahoma State is ranked 9th in the latest AP poll but despite their play, head coach Mike Gundy will forever be know as the MAN, and his age will forever be 40. On September 22, 2007, following a 49-45 win over Texas Tech, Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy went into a rant that people will be quoting for a long time. Gundy was upset over an article written by Jenni Carlson in The Oklahoman that was critical of backup QB Bobby Reid. The article suggested Reid wasn’t tough enough and was a mamma’s boy, and as you can see Gundy took exception to the article.


I don’t think there has ever been a press conference so tense after a WIN. Can you imagine if they had lost to the Red Raiders?


Before the Blowup: 2-2 (including the 49-45 win that Saturday)

After the Blowup: 5-4

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