Top 10 Colleges to Produce MLB Pros

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Top 10 Colleges to Produce MLB Pros

UCLA pitchers Gerrit Cole (left) and Trevor Bauer (right) were taken among the first three picks in Monday's Major League Baseball Draft. And with them anchoring the pitching staff, the Bruins went ... nowhere. A year after reaching the College World Series championship, this year's UCLA team was eliminated in its own regional, with Cole losing his start against huge underdog San Francisco.

But that's nothing unusual for UCLA, which in recent years has produced a boatload of major league talent, which included Chris Chambliss, Eric Karros, Troy Glaus, Jeff Conine and Chase Utley. The school that gave Jackie Robinson his start in baseball has been to the College World Series just three times in its history, and last year's runnerup finish was its best.

In recent years, partly due to the influence of 'Moneyball,' Major League organizations have shown a growing inclination to pick college players over high schoolers. For the most part, yes, the colleges that have had the greatest success on the field have typically churned out a significant number of major leaguers. Though like UCLA, a few programs have been consistently able to recruit and produce top talent, and yet continue to underachieve on the field.

We took a look at the current major league rosters, with added weight given to star power of these big league alums. With that in mind, these are our Top 10 Colleges to Produce Major League Pros.

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