Top 10 Most Despised Owners

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2. Frank McCourt (Dodgers)

When the Boston Red Sox were up for sale in 2002, Frank McCourt was one of the initial bidders. As a real estate/parking lot developer in Beantown, McCourt talked of grandiose schemes of erecting a new stadium in South Boston to replace the venerable Fenway Park. His bid was rejected out of hand because he did not have enough cash to bring to the table.

Stunningly, two years later, commissioner Bud Selig approved McCourt's bid to buy the equally fabled Los Angeles Dodgers franchise, with no money down. Eager to bail out broadcast partner Fox, who had been bleeding cash in its seven-year stewardship of the team, Selig went as far as vouching for the McCourts in order to obtain approval of the transaction from the other MLB owners.

The McCourts, Frank and then-wife Jamie, immediately began to use the Dodgers as a personal ATM, diverting the club's funds to finance a luxurious lifestyle that included four expensive homes, cars, shopping trips and paying their sons exorbitant salaries though they did not work for the club. They fired longtime club employees and insisted that "they" are the brand instead of the Dodgers. They further alienated the fans by repeatedly jacking up ticket, parking and concession prices.

It all fell apart like a house of cards this spring amidst their rancorous divorce. Frank had to repeatedly take out loans to meet payroll. His decision to drastically slash security led to the tragic beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow on opening day in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. After Selig finally made his move to take control of the club, McCourt responded by throwing the storied franchise into bankruptcy to fend off MLB's seizure.

Meanwhile, the fans who made this team the first in baseball history to breach the 3 million mark in attendance and consistently the top draw in all of sports have expressed their feelings with their feet and wallets. The Dodgers are averaging over 8,000 fewer fans per game (more in real turnstile counts) in 2011 than a year ago. They're not coming back until Frank McCourt is swept out of town and never to return.

Top 10 Most Despised Owners of All Time

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