Top 10 Most Despised Owners

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7. Georgia Frontiere (Rams)

She began life as Violet Francis Irwin and career as a chorus girl. Georgia Frontiere hit the jackpot when she married her sixth husband Carroll Rosenbloom, who also happened to own the Los Angeles Rams. When Rosenbloom died in a mysterious drowning accident in 1979, Georgia became the owner of the Rams, and promptly fired Rosenbloom's son as the team president before marrying husband No. 7, Dominic Frontiere.

Thus began the hate-hate relationship between Southern California and Frontiere. She moved the team from the L.A. Coliseum to Anaheim (a move Rosenbloom had contractually consummated before his death) and thus severed the long-running love affair between the team - L.A.'s first professional franchise - and much of the team's San Fernando Valley-based fans, not to mention Hollywood. The team thrived briefly in the 1980s, but her stingy ways when it came to team payroll, which led to an ugly and public divorce with superstar running back Eric Dickerson, drove the Rams into a steady decline.

By the end of the 1980s, the Rams were a franchise in a death spiral. Attendance at Anaheim Stadium plummeted. Fans had abandoned the team to cheer for the Raiders, who swooped into the vacuum in L.A. and won the city's first (and so far, only) Super Bowl in 1983. Borrowing a script very much from the movie "Major League," Frontiere gutted the rosters and was able to secure a sweetheart deal from St. Louis to move the franchise after the 1994 season.

Frontiere left behind the nation's second-largest market without an NFL team to this day. Observing the old adage, "if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all," upon her 2008 death the silence from Southern California was deafening.

Top 10 Most Despised Owners of All Time

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