Top 10 Most Despised Owners

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Top 10 Most Despised Owners

The best owners in sports are usually not heard, rarely seen and often win. Think of the Rooneys of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jerry Buss of the L.A. Lakers and John Henry, et al., of the Boston Red Sox. They collect trophies and hang banners without making too much fuss.

And yes, there is also Mark Cuban, who is always seen, usually heard but finally has delivered an NBA championship to Dallas. But he's passionate about his team, willing to spring for the best players, and responsive to the fans' demands and critiques. For all that, the Mavs' faithfuls are grateful.

On the other hand, it takes something entirely different to be despised by fans - the very fans who are supporters of your team.

In the long annals of sports team ownership, Frank McCourt has few equals. In just seven years, he has turned one of the most fabled franchises in sports into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. Even when the inevitable dawned, instead of gracefully walking away, he lawyered up and tried to keep the grip on a team he had no business owning in the first place. Dodgers fans have responded by staying away in droves, refusing to purchase any merchandise, and tuning out broadcasts even with the legendary Vin Scully at the mike.

McCourt certainly isn't alone as an owner abhorred by his own fan base. And the rationale for the hate also can be complex. Some are despised for their mettlesome ways. Some for pure incompetence. Some for just being bad people. There are owners who became pariahs because they relocated their franchises, but that reason alone doesn't typically make them universally hated. So with that caveat, here are our Top 10 Most Despised Owners of All Time.

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