Top 10 Erroneous Columns of 2008

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5. Lakers Will Win Title

"Lakers Will Win Title" – Michael Ventre, NBC Sports

"...[S]oon Bryant should make the jump from those dubious finals of last year’s spring of discontent to the 2008 NBA Finals, where he will celebrate a championship ... Bryant is the kind of player who can will a team to victory, so long as he has a complete team. He has no peer in the NBA in that department. For all his faults, nobody can put a club on his back the way Bryant can and lead them to victory.  These are the Finals he belongs in. These are the Finals he will come out of looking like a hero."

Ventre deserves some credit, because he did correctly pick an NBA Finals matchup of Boston and Los Angeles, but the Celtics made quick work of the Lakers, dispatching of them in six games and their four games by an average of 15.25 points, including a 39-point blowout in the deciding Game 6.

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