Top 10 Erroneous Columns of 2008

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2. Mets Won't Collapse Again

"Mets Won't Collapse Again" – Mike Vaccaro, New York Post

"You know the morbid math: seven games up, 17 games to play. If you are a Mets fan, it is burned into your brain, seared into your soul, tattooed onto your tongue. This morning, the Mets awaken with 17 games remaining in their schedule, four games up on the Phillies in the loss column ...I tell you this from the heart, Mets fans: Fear not...the Mets will not allow history to repeat itself; why, sometime within these 17 days you can officially wash away the residue of 2007 with champagne, with tears of joy, with anything you'd like. There will be no encore this time."

Vaccaro went on to list 17 reasons why the Mets would not collapse in 2008, among them, the idea that "The Phillies aren't as good as they were last year."  Oops.  The Mets went just 7-10 in those last few weeks, losing their 3.5 game lead, and the NL East title, in the process.  For the record, the Phillies won 13 of their final 17 games.  And oh yeah, won the World Series, too.


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