Top 10 Erroneous Columns of 2008

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3. Rays Won't Make Playoffs

"Rays Won't Make Playoffs" – Mike Vaccaro, New York Post

"It would be a hell of a story, the Rays finishing ahead of the Red Sox, ahead of the Yankees. A hell of a baseball story. A hell of a Cinderella story. Too bad it isn't going to happen ... It's just not logical to assume they can keep it up for eight more weeks while fighting off these two teams. It's not practical ... They are a good story. Easy to root for. And...just a week or two away from seeing a couple of blurs zip by them in the passing lane."

Not only did the Tampa Bay Rays win the AL East and advance to the playoffs (finishing two games ahead of the Red Sox, and eight in front of the Yankees), but they also amassed 97 wins, beat the White Sox in the ALDS, edged Boston in the ALCS and played in their first ever World Series.  They didn't need to worry about anything zipping by them in the passing lane -- they were too fast to be caught.

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