Top 10 Erroneous Columns of 2008

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4. Picking Ryan 'Highly Debatable'

"Picking Ryan 'Highly Debatable'" - Terence Moore, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"...[I]f you go by logic when it comes to trying to change the momentum of a reeling franchise, the Falcons just blew it, especially with the extraordinary Glenn Dorsey sitting there on the draft board as the defensive tackle that they really need....they could have selected Dorsey at No. 3 and taken a chance later in the draft on John David Booty, Chad Henne or Andre’ Woodson becoming their Tom Brady. After all, those quarterbacks aren’t that much more of an NFL gamble than the one they got."

Ryan led the Falcons to an 11-5 record and a playoff birth.  Meanwhile, Dorsey struggled to make any impact on the field in Kansas City.

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