Top 10 Frauds in Sports History

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Top 10 Frauds in Sports History

Are you going to believe our tainted record books or your own lyin' eyes?

What you see in sports nowadays are becoming more mirage than reality as scores of athletes have been disgraced with their association with cheating. Major League Baseball is ready to drop the hammer on Alex Rodriguez and eight others for the Biogenesis scandal, this just days after Ryan Braun accepted a 65-game ban that ended his 2013 season. Braun, now considered by many fans as one of the most untrustworthy athletes, went through the charade of innocence for two years, fooling his supporters and making liars out of his friends.

But Braun isn't close to being one of the biggest sports frauds of all time. There was that guy who finally confessed to Oprah after years of denial. Lance Armstrong was indeed a fraud, but you know something? The entire sport of cycling during the Armstrong era was a fraud. Of the 21 riders who stood on the podium during Lance's seven consecutive Tour de France victories, only one - Fernando Escartín, who finished third in Armstrong's first Tour win in 1999 - has never been implicated in a doping scandal. Jan Ullrich, who finished second to Armstrong four times, just came out and said his old rival should keep the victories. Ullrich has a point: Nobody else during that time raced clean, so Lance was merely first among dopers.

Was baseball just as tainted during the last two decades? Nobody knows for sure, but we do know that there were many cheaters who have gone on to reap benefits from their misdeeds. These sports figures have disgraced their names and their sports to gain an edge. We’ll take a look at the biggest scandals that have knocked the sports world off its feet — whether it’s gambling, the use of illegal drugs, or just plain cheating. So here's the dishonor roll: Our Top 10 Biggest Frauds in Sports History.

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