Top 10 Infamous World Series Moments

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10. Andujar's Meltdown

Joaquin Andujar's Meltdown, Game 7, 1985 World Series

The 1985 World Series was not a good one for pitcher Joaquin Andujar.

Andujar had won 21 games for the Cardinals that year, but he couldn’t replicate that success against the Royals in the Series. In Game 3, Andujar lasted just four innings while giving up four earned runs as the Royals won the game, 6-1. He would appear once more in Game 7, with the Cards already down 9-0. Having gone through four pitchers already, the Cards sent Andujar out in relief. After giving up an RBI single, things got a little chippy.

He began to argue with home plate umpire Don Denkinger about balls and strikes, and then manager Whitey Herzog was ejected. But on the very next pitch, Denkinger called a ball, and that set Joaquin off. He charged Denkinger and had to be restrained by three of his teammates. Andujar was of course thrown out of the game, but his terror didn’t end there. Once he was banished to the clubhouse, he took a bat and destroyed a toilet. Because of his outburst, he was suspended for 10 games the following season.

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