Top 10 Infamous World Series Moments

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9. Snodgrass' Muff

Fred Snodgrass' Muff, Game 8, 1912 World Series

A seventh game in a World Series is one of the most exciting things in sports. But if seven games is exciting, how much more exciting is eight?

In 1912, the Red Sox and Giants played eight games because Game 2 was called a tie after the 11th inning due to darkness. In Game 8, in the bottom of the 10th inning, with the Giants leading 2-1, Clyde Engle hit a soft fly ball to center field where Fred Snodgrass muffed the catch. The error allowed Engle to reach second base. Engle would eventually score the tying run and the Red Sox would win on a sacrifice fly. But Snodgrass shouldn’t shoulder all the blame. In fact, there are others who are much more at fault than he was.

Snodgrass seemed to redeem himself by making a spectacular grab on a well-hit ball by Harry Hooper. After a walked batter, Tris Speaker hit a foul ball off the first base side where the first baseman, Fred Merkle, or the catcher Chief Meyers could have caught the ball. But they didn’t communicate and the ball fell between the two of them. Yet, it’s Snodgrass who has taken the blame in history. The headline of his obituary in the New York Times read, “Fred Snodgrass, 86, Dead; Ball Player Muffed 1912 Fly."

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