Top 10 Longest Suspensions in Sports

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Top 10 Longest Suspensions in Sports

Ah, the suspension: the classic grade school punishment for serious disobedience. Fitting, then, that when pro athletes — sometimes astonishingly childish and immature — break the rules, they find themselves in timeout, suspended from the sport. And if they disobey again, or if their first offense is deemed serious enough, they wind up on the wrong end of a lifetime ban.

Of course, not all athletes take their punishment without a fight. Tom Brady, for one, wants his suspension entirely rescinded and has taken the NFL to federal court to seek his exoneration. Of course, commissioner Roger Goodell's four-game ban of Brady seems over the top at this point, considering how little evidence he and his investigators have unearthed linking Brady to allegedly deliberately deflated footballs.

If Brady's four-game ban is upheld, it'd be one of the longest ever levied against an athlete not found guilty of two things: PED use or gambling, with the latter always drawing a harsh suspension or outright ban. One of the most famous lifetime bans, given to all-time hits leader Pete Rose for the aforementioned activity, doesn't appear on this list of The Top 10 Longest Suspensions in Sports because he received it after retirement as a player. This list is particularly interested in penalties given out to active players in the four North American major pro leagues.

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