Top 10 Longest Suspensions in Sports

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Lenny Randle, 30 Days

Spring Training is often filled with highly motivated players looking to make a major league club. Sometimes, those players take it a bit too personally when they don’t win the job. In 1977, Lenny Randle lost the starting second baseman's role to rookie Bump Wills. As a result, Randle took out his anger on Texas Rangers manager Frank Lucchesi before a spring training game against the Minnesota Twins. Randle punched Lucchesi in the face three or four times, along with other punches to the body, before teammate Bert Campaneris pulled the crazed Randle off of the 49-year-old manager; the bloodied Lucchesi allegedly called Randle a "punk."

Lucchesi had to have reconstructive facial surgery, as his face was fractured with several bone chips. The Rangers suspended Randle for 30 days — $9,000 lost in salary — as well as a $10,000 fine before trading him to the Mets. Not only was Randle suspended, he also faced charges in Florida for aggravated battery. In addition to all that, Lucchesi sued Randle for $200,000 after being fired by the Rangers, claiming consequences from Randle's assault was the reason for his being let go.

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