Top 10 Championship Coaching Changes in Midseason

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Top 10 Championship Coaching Changes in Midseason

The baseball season has yet to reach the All-Star break, but three managers have already packed up and left. First the slumping A's fired Bob Geren. Then both the Marlins' Edwin Rodriguez and the Nationals' Jim Riggleman resigned in a space of a week, though under vastly different circumstances.

Rodriguez's Marlins, after a promising start, have hit a horrendous skid from which they're unlikely to recover. The Nationals, on the other hand, were one of the hottest teams in baseball when Riggleman abruptly quit last week, citing his inability to get a contract extension. World Series-winning manager Davey Johnson has now taken over, tasked with keeping the Nats on track for their first postseason appearance since relocating to Washington in 2005.

Can the Nationals win it all this season? It's unlikely, but if they did, it wouldn't be without precedent. Plenty of teams in North American sports have made a change at the top in midstream and the new leader, for various reasons - sparking a fire with a different personality, dramatically changing tactics and schemes, or restoring some semblance of stability - was able to get his team focused on the ultimate prize and attaining it.

Almost always, management views the change as a salvage operation. It could be that it wanted "a Michigan Man to coach Michigan." It could be that the boss ... make that The Boss ... was just utterly impatient. Or it could be that management wanted to do the coaching himself.

One word of caution, though. Just because there is this list, midseason coaching changes rarely led a team to the final destination - most of the time these teams still ended up near the bottom of the standings. That's why out of hundreds examples, only these, resulted in our Top 10 Championship Coaching Changes in Midseason.


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