Top 10 Minor League Promotions

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1. Auctioned At-Bat

Many die-hard baseball fans take their fandom to the next level by attending fantasy camps where they are taught by former major leaguers and get a chance to play against them. The St. Paul Saints took it up a notch by auctioning off an at-bat, and 35-year-old Marc Turndorf had the winning eBay bid at $5,601. On May 14, 2004 Turndorf made his plate appearance in the bottom of the eighth but this was no Disney movie and Turndorf popped out to the catcher. He must have made quite an impression, however, on the Saints (or more likely the media attention they received) and they allowed him to play in an exhibition game against a Japanese team the following day.

Top 10 Minor League Baseball Promotions


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