Top 10 Minor League Promotions

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4. Nobody Night

Packing the stands with a sellout? Boring. How about setting the record for fewest fans in attendance at a professional baseball game? That’s exactly what the Charleston RiverDogs (Class A South Atlantic League affiliate of the New York Yankees) did in 2002, when they held “Nobody Night,” with fans intentionally locked out of the game until the fifth inning, when it became official.

Barred from entering, hundreds of fans spent the first half of the game peering over the outfield fence, or enjoyed themselves at a party outside the park, hosted by the RiverDogs, with cheap food and beer. The regular contests that normally took place between innings continued, with employees and players participating instead of fans, and all the runs were scored while the stands sat empty. But the night was still a success according to fan Marcus Kronick: "We're hoping to get zero, like a goose egg, that nobody can break.”

Top 10 Minor League Baseball Promotions



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