Top 10 MLB All-Star Game Moments

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1. Pete Rose's Collision

Pete Rose's Collision at Home Plate

What: Pete Rose's Home Plate Collision

When: July 14, 1970

Where: Riverfront Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio

How It Happened: When did the All-Star Game still matter? When did players still care about result as much as seeing their name on the roster?

There is one answer, one moment that is better and more memorable than all the rest. Pete Rose bulldozing catcher Ray Fosse to score the winning run in the bottom of the 12th inning exemplified one career, retarded another (Fosse suffered a separated shoulder and never fully recovered) and may be the single moment when the game's theme went from "win at any cost" to "just don't get hurt."

Top 10 MLB All-Star Game Moments

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