Top 10 MLB Free Agent Signings

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10. Andre Dawson

Andre Dawson - Signed by Chicago Cubs in 1987, one year, $700,000. 

In the mid-1980s, the owners had a brilliant solution to escalating salaries: Let's all join forces and agree not to pay them!  Of course, this collusion was a blatant violation of their Basic Agreement with the players, and the owners ultimately agreed to pay $280 million in damages.  At the height of collusion, Dawson wanted to leave Montreal for Chicago, where the natural grass surface would be easier on his sore knees.  The Cubs would not make an offer, so the Hawk signed a blank contract after spring training was well underway.  The Cubs filled in $700,000, approximately one-third of the league's highest salary, and Dawson hit 49 HR, drove in 137 runs, and won the MVP despite the Cubs' last-place finish.

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