Top 10 NFL Interim Head Coaches

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Top 10 Interim NFL Coaches

In his first game as interim coach on Sunday, Jason Garrett led the Dallas Cowboys to an impressive 33-20 victory over the New York Giants. Perhaps more impressive was the fact that the Cowboys actually looked like they were playing hard under their new coach after appearing listless during the final weeks of the Wade Phillips regime.

Based on this one game, it was clear that the Cowboys needed a change, but it’s way too early to determine whether making Garrett the coach would really make a difference. For now, Garrett’s much stricter approach seems to have gotten the best game out of the Cowboys this season.

Garrett avoided becoming the next Fred Bruney or Hal Hunter (both lost the only game they ever coached as an interim), but he’s guaranteed nothing going forward, other than a pledge from owner Jerry Jones that he’ll finish the rest of the season at the helm. Interim coaches have a shaky history in the NFL, some have succeeded, some have failed, and some were never given a real chance to stake a claim for the job.

Whatever Garrett does the rest of the season, only time will tell if Garrett will ever get an opportunity to join the ranks of the Top 10 Interim NFL Coaches.


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